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Who we are …

At Micro Ice, we have professional coaches that care about the Long-Term Athletic Development of our players. We teach the game to players the right way. We focus on skating, skill development, and being great teammates. We do not focus on tactics, systems, dumping the puck or winning.

What we do:

– Practice three times per week.

  • Two skills practices where the kids are constantly skating, passing, shooting, stickhandling, and competing. Practices are run in an ADM style.
  • One practice per week with a skating instructor. The players have a dedicated skating instructor all season long.

– Limit the number of players on a team.

  • Mites capped at 10 players.
  • Squirts and older capped at 13 players.
  • Less players means more reps in practice and games for each skater. More time playing, learning, and development over the course of the season.

– Focus on the right things.

  • Encourage playmaking. Skating with the puck, passing the puck, stickhandling with the puck. Attacking the puck carrier, backchecking hard. Building confidence with and without the puck.
  • Being a great teammate. Helping others out. Being a positive influence on the ice, in the locker room, and outside of the rink.
  • Creating a life-long passion for hockey.

What we don’t do

– Teach systems

  • They can pick up systems easier and more efficiently when they are older.
  • The time spent teaching/rehearsing takes away from puck touches, skating, and other fundamentals that are more important for younger players.

– Care about winning

  • We focus on the process, not the results. We want to compete hard and try our best, but the results do not change how we approach the game.
  • We strive for constant improvement throughout the year that will translate years down the road, not necessarily in the next game.

– Limit ice time

  • All players play equally, as much as possible. Players learn by doing, not watching. Players will play in all situations.